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is a 12-week intensive that teaches entrepreneurs how to create a package filled with business and financial plans to pitch to investors for seed funding.


September 26 - December 19
11am - 1pm
100% Free • Hybrid Program

Course Introduction

When an aspiring entrepreneur begins thinking about starting a business, figuring out where and how to start can quickly become overwhelming. They must figure out how to develop the idea, create its physical manifestation, find funding, and secure the resources needed to launch the business. Traditionally, this has taken entrepreneurs months to years – a timeline which often sidelines would-be entrepreneurs before they ever start or which causes them to lose steam within their first years.

To be successful, entrepreneurs constantly change and adapt. They must learn to identify solutions, test their ideas, and make the necessary adjustments. Entrepreneurs who fail to be agile in their thinking quickly become stagnant and fall behind. Thus, they must engage in continuous learning about their customer base. They must measure how well their solutions address their customers’ problems. They must be ever-aware of competitors who could become problematic for them.

The Lean Startup model promotes the idea that startup entrepreneurs should launch with an MVP (minimum viable product) that isn’t perfect, finalized, or decked out with complicated features. They should then engage with potential customers and investors and make the necessary adjustments in a continuous feedback loop.

Program Goals

The outcomes for this program are the following:
     1. Provide experiential learning for underserved entrepreneurs (defined as those whose businesses will be run by minorities, women, and veterans) regarding the Business Model Canvas and Lean Startup principles.
     2. Develop participants’ understanding of customer validation as a major factor in determining whether an entrepreneur’s idea will succeed in the market.
     3. Improve participants’ ability to articulate key information about their businesses and customers, making them more likely to engage customers, partners, investors, and other stakeholders.

Curriculum Concept


A select group of entrepreneurs has been enrolled in the NSU Innovation Center (NSUIC) Cohort Program where they will receive a programmed curriculum designed to provide them with some of the tools necessary to take their “Idea” to commercialization and capital investment.  The Cohort Program will be aligned with the university curriculum and last for twelve (12) weeks.

  • 12 Weekly Sessions in a Seminar Format

  • One (1) Hour of Formal Presentation (Classroom Format)

  • One (1) Hour of Discussion (Seminar Format)

  • The sessions will be conducted virtually and in-person

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