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Whether learning or networking, Innovators can take advantage of the Center's events to obtain the resources and make the connections they need to start and and scale businesses. These interactions help Innovators become better-positioned for success.









Hybrid Events

Access to Capital Workshops
These monthly events (held every last Wednesday of the month) teach entrepreneurs how to earn investor funding, grants, and equity to scale and develop their businesses. Business owners will learn from experienced entrepreneurs and investors.

Access to capital refers to how difficult or simple it is for someone to obtain funds or resources for their business. When starting or running a business, most people want access to capital. Businesses in the United States have access to a variety of funding options. Obtaining funding for a business, on the other hand, can be difficult for anyone, let alone a member of a group that has endured discrimination and bias for decades.

The NSU Innovation Center (NSUIC) and the Small Business Development Council (SBDC) will provide you with information and requirements for acquiring funding, such as grants, debt/loans, equity/investors, and bootstrapping. Additionally, this Access to Capital program will include a non-bank SBA 504 financing program aimed at existing businesses.


Join us to learn about how to acquire funding, such as grants, debt/loans, equity/investors, and bootstrapping for your small business.

Go to, search 'Access to Capital' and type 'Norfolk' in the location bar to sign up for this event!

If you would like to reserve use of our facility for your event, please fill out this Space Request Form

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