The Norfolk State University Innovation Center exists to support the entrepreneurial ecology of Hampton Roads. We rely on faculty, practitioners, and investors to help us accomplish our mission of pushing innovative entrepreneurs to new heights.

5 Cornerstones of Action 

Entrepreneurship begins with innovation – the conceptualization of novel ideas, products, and services. With the proper foundation, these innovative ideas can be turned into scalable, sustainable businesses. To support this notion, the NSUIC offers the tools and learning opportunities to help individuals become familiar with the concept of innovation and its impact on entrepreneurship. The Center engages community leaders, NSU faculty, and other experts to help shape innovative ideas and provide innovators with the tools they need to establish and grow their businesses.

  • Educating the public about innovation and its role in inspiring new businesses and transforming communities.

  • Nurturing promising businesses by collaborating with innovative entrepreneurs and connecting them to mentors, consultants, and coaches, thereby increasing the likelihood of their success.

  • Connecting innovators and entrepreneurs, creating a community of supportive peers.

  • Assembling a vast network of mentors, investors, and consultants to support emerging and growing businesses

  • Partnering with other organizations and institutions to broaden the local knowledgebase and maximize available resources.

The NSUIC believes these 5 actions are critical to achieving its mission of helping local businesses, especially the underserved, reach their fullest potential. 

About the Center

The Norfolk State University Innovation Center is the brainchild of Glenn Carrington, JD, the Dean of NSU's School of Business. He envisioned creating a center where students, faculty, and minorities in our region could receive access to mainstream resources. With the understanding that minorities receive about 1% of venture capitalist dollars, the Dean assembled a team of diverse investors, faculty, and professionals to help democratize access to information and capital among underserved communities. 

The Innovation Center was opened in March 2019 with the support of the community, Norfolk State University, the university's Innovation and Research Foundation, The NSU Foundation, and the NSU School of Business.


In 2020, the Center entered a partnership with Ferguson Enterprises, to help the Center bring startup events and a 12-week business strategy and finance workshop series designed for early-stage businesses. Additionally, Ferguson will collaborate with the Center to host innovation and automation workshops

3Day Startup will be bringing its innovative program to the NSUIC in October 2020 to facilitate a hands-on entrepreneurship-education program to high school students and students of Norfolk State University. 

Jim Franklin, of the Prodigy Capital Consulting Group, partners with the Center to offer workshops on
Early Stage Enterprise Development that are focused on the entrepreneur and small business
owner. Jim Franklin is himself an entrepreneur with decades of experience in starting, funding, growing, and selling early stage businesses. 


520 E. Main St. |  Norfolk, VA 23510

P: 757.917.7884

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